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Some recent currency questions John answered:

GBP to NZD, is it likely the rate will improve over the next 12/24 months? We are moving to NZ in August and are considering our options regarding transfer of all of our savings/ home equity. We can probably live off salaries (just) and leave everything else here for a year or two, but is the rate likely to improve while there is so much instability in the UK/ Europe? Many thanks
Niki asked 10 months ago
If I sell my house in Greece can I have the payment made into my UK bank account - less fees and taxes etc? Basically, if the buyer is willing to transfer the sale fee to our UK bank account that possible? We do not want money stuck in a Greek bank account with the currency withdrawal restrictions imposed there. Many thanks, Sharon Huyhse
Sharon asked 10 months ago
Transferring a large amount of money to turkey Hi, I'm about to sell my property and transfer my money to Turkey for buying a house and some investment. I have a bank account in one if the Turkish banks. What is the best and safest way to transfer my money into my account in Turkey? If there is, after the transfer will I have problem in there for accessing my money? Finally, which company gives the best rate? Thanks
Nasser asked 11 months ago
Euros to GBP, when? Hello there, Thank you for this service. I have 137000 Euros in a special HSBC account and want to know the best way to eventually have it in GBP, Is a straight transfer through a Money Broker the best way and when would be a good time. I can wait until next Summer if necessary. At the moment I am getting about £115,500 for the above Euro amount. Thanks MF
Mark asked 1 year ago
Best time to swap GBP for AUD I need to convert a sum of GBP into AUD. There is no great rush and i could probably wait up to 18 months so my question is when do you think i would get the best exchange rate? Should i take advantage of the mini spike of GBP against the AUD that we're seeing now or put it aside and wait for more of a rebound over the next 18 months or so? Cheers, Scott.
Scott asked 1 year ago
Money transfer from Australia GB. We have an inheritance sum in Aus dollars to transfer imminently to GB. What is the quickest and safest way to do this please?.
D asked 1 year ago
British £ to Aust $ I've watched the pounds decline just recently,and I'm looking at bringing an amount over from the UK, can you see a decent turn around for the pound in the next couple of months especially now with all the uncertainty of the U.K. staying in the EU
Simon asked 1 year ago
When to exchange euros to pounds advice I have 120,000 Euros to exchange and will be using a currency broker not an expensive bank. My question is of timing. With the UK referendum in a few months time would i be better to wait or do it now. At the moment it is fluctuating around 0.76,do uou think it is likely to increase. Thanks Simon.
simon asked 1 year ago
SA economy is collapsing - how long do I wait before buying holiday currency? I've been tracking the Rand and it's the best exchange rate all year...given the gvt's announcement...I'm just wondering whether it will crash further or pick back up...? Thanks, Brian
Brian asked 2 years ago
SGD GBP conversion Hi, I've SGD100,000 that I'm looking to convert to GBP. Is this a good time as the currency pair seems to favour sterling currently. I wondered if you had a predication/forecast for the direction of travel. Many thanks, Steve
Steve asked 2 years ago
Should I transfer my Turkish Lira into British Pounds now!! I Have 200000 Turkish Lira. Should i cash it into British Pounds now or hold on!!! Thank you
Brian asked 2 years ago
Dollar-Euro parity Most sources seem to indicate dollar-euro parity in October of 2016. Do you agree? Do you think parity is inevitable? We want to move a large sum of dollars(our life savings) into euros as soon as the dollar catches or overtakes the euro. Thank you. Richard and Alicia
richard asked 2 years ago
Euros to gbp I have inherited some euros which are still on the continent. Should I open a euro account and leave it abroad, or should I exchange them now. Thanks
Tom asked 2 years ago
GBP/USD Trend I need to exchange a large sum of USD to GBP in the next week or so. The best rate was 1st of Oct and it has been going down since. Do you see this going back up in the next few days? Thank you
andyf asked 2 years ago
Transfer GBR to AUD Hi, Over the last few weeks I've seen the GBR to AUD fall from AUD$2.20 down to AUD2.08 to the Pound sterling. Do you see this trend continuing in the near future? Many thanks
Matthew asked 2 years ago
Do you think the lire will continue to get stronger over the next few days as it took a dive last week and i need †o transfer back to pounds in the next month Do you think the lire will continue to get stronger over the next few days as it took a dive last week and i need †o transfer back to pounds by the end of next month. thanks
colleen asked 2 years ago
will the Turkish lira decline further ? I have converted 63000 Euro to Tr. lira and placed it on deposit in Turkey. I converted at 2.97 AND NOW THE EXCHANGE IS 3.35 TO THE EURO. i HAVE LOST 7000 EURO. SHOULD I GET OUT OF LIRA NOW, SUFFER THE LOSS, or ride the storm and hope that lira will improve ?
Tom asked 2 years ago
Transferring money from aus to uk I am moving to the uk from aus I have $250000 to take to the uk. Is there any way of not losing over half my money when changing it to pound sterling? Regards Lee
Lee asked 2 years ago
Transfer AUD to GBP Hi, I have recently inherited a reasonable sum of AUD. At present it is sitting in a UK based AUD account, linked to my current account. Is it worth the hassle of transferring it out to a currency dealer, compared with using the bank's international rate to transfer directly to my current account. The difference in exchange rate is not to be sneezed at, but nor is it so high to feel worth the hassle.
Alison asked 2 years ago
Sale of Turkish villa, which currency? Hi, I am due to fly to Turkey in September 2015 to sell my villa. I am not sure whether to accept the sale in UK pounds or Turkish Lira? Any advice would be helpful. Many thanks Lorraine
Lorraine asked 2 years ago
Hi, I need to bring a large sum of money over from NZ to buy a property here in the coming week. Interest rates are not very favourable today - would you recommend doing it ASAP or holding off til mid- next week? Should I bring a large sum of money over from NZ to buy a property here ASAP or wait til mid- next week? Or is it expected to keep getting worse?
Lucy asked 2 years ago
Hi, I have a fixed rate £ to € of 1.382 Hi, I have a fixed rate £ to € of 1.382 do you think that this rate is likely over the next few days? Or should I take a trading rate of 1.367 now? FYI - want to transfer £92K.If Greece cannot make their payment this month will the € weaken ? And if so would you advise waiting to exchange?
John asked 2 years ago
What rate to aim for in the next two months when bringing money to the uk from nz. Hi, I need to move a large amount of money from nz to the uk and realize doing it at the right time is key. Things seem particularly volatile at the moment so I was wondering if you could suggest what rate I should aim for if I am to make the most of the transfer while still being realistic about being able to hit that rate in the next two months? What do you think the trends will be? Thank you!
zoe asked 2 years ago
TL nightmare Having already lost around by leaving my money in a TL account I've now been informed by HSBC that I should leave the money until 23 may before I move it back to the UK as that when it will acru it's annual 10% interest I'm not sure what to do as I've already lost around 4500 by leaving it there Any advice would be greatly appreciated Kind regards Debbie
Mrs asked 2 years ago
Money in a Turkish bank I have a considerable amount of money invested in a Turkish bank - in Turkish Lira. Considering that as at today 30 April 2015 the £ - TL rate is 4.10 would it be better to leave in the bank or draw out in another currency. Which currency would be better??
Peter asked 2 years ago

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